SmartSDR Ethernet API

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The SmartSDR Ethernet API has a number of distinct pieces:

  1. The SmartSDR Command API which is used to command the radio and receive streaming status information from the radio. The command API uses TCP/IP port 4992.
  2. Streaming data is sent from the radio in the VITA-49 format from UDP/IP port 4991 to targeted clients. This data carries:
    1. FFT data used in panadapters and waterfall displays
    2. Metering protocol which provides meter data on the radio itself as well as receivers and such
    3. Oscilloscope data used to draw audio vs. time data
    4. Streaming I/Q data for demodulation by other computer software
  3. Discovery protocol which announces the radio's presence on the local network for facilitating client connections sent to UDP port 4992