SmartSDR Supported Modes

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Modes select the signal chain used to demodulate the received signal. Modes include not only the demodulation for the mode, but also noise reduction, noise blanking, and other filters.

Mode Description
usb Upper sideband
lsb Lower sideband
cw CW demodulated in upper sideband
am Amplitude Modulation
sam Synchronous Amplitude Modulation
fm Narrow band frequency modulation (5kHz)
nfm Narrow band frequency modulation (3kHz)
dfm Digital frequency modulation
digl Digital Lower sideband
digu Digital Upper sideband
rtty Special DIGU mode for ASFK RTTY

Below are supported Waveform modes. These are third-party "plugins" supported in SmartSDR.

Waveform Description
fdv FreeDV