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The message command allows one client to send a message to other clients that will provide important information to the clients. Today, messages displayed in this way generally do not persist on the client: they are shown briefly and then they are removed from the display.




See Response Format for details on the format of the response messages from the radio

Hex Response Message Debug Output / Meaning
00000000 <list> List of radio specific parameters

<list> = list of antennas separated by commas

Response Example:

mbtrx_bom="B-0064",mbtrx_bomrev="A",mbtrx_serial="B28154-07 LF",mbpa_pcb="",mbpa_rev="",
mbpa_bom="",mbpa_bomrev="",mbpa_serial="",name="",callsign="N5AC",gps="Warming Up",
Parameter Value
model2 Radio model number
chassis_serial Radio serial number (on outside of chassis)
mbtrx_pcb MBTRX main board model number
mbtrx_pcbrev MBTRX main board revision number
mbtrx_bom MBTRX main board bill of materials (BOM) number
mbtrx_bomrev MBTRX main board bill of materials (BOM) revision number
mbtrx_serial MBTRX main board serial number
mbpa_pcb MBPA main board model number
mbpa_pcbrev MBPA main board revision number
mbpa_bom MBPA main board bill of materials (BOM) number
mbpa_bomrev MBPA main board bill of materials (BOM) revision number
mbpa_serial MBPA main board serial number
name User assigned name of this radio
callsign Callsign of radio owner
gps Status of the on-board GPS (see GPS table below)
scu Number of SCUs in this radio
slice Number of slice receivers in this radio
software_ver Version of the software in the radio (firmware)
mac MAC Address for the radio's Ethernet connector
ip IP Address for the radio's Ethernet connector
netmask Netmask Address for the radio's Ethernet connector
gateway Gateway IP address for the radio's Ethernet connector
location User supplied location of the radio

GPS Values

Value Meaning
Not Present No GPS is present in the radio
Warming Up The GPS TCXO is warming up and no lock has been achieved
Holdover The GPS has lost a sky view and is in holdover mode
Locking The GPS has acquired satellites and is locking
Hold Phase The GPS has a lock but is reacquiring the TCXO phase
Locked The GPS has a good view of the sky and is locked