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Unsubscribe stops a subscription that is in process for the objects that are listed in the unsub command. Subscriptions provide status messages for objects that are changed in the radio, typically by the radio itself or by other clients (CAT, other GUI clients, etc.). The general format of the unsubscribe command is:

C[D]<seq_number>|unsub <object> <object_id|all>

<object>         = the object that is the target of the command such as 'slice' or 'display'
<object_id|all>  = the specific number or identifier of the object to be unsubscribed from or the word "all" to unsubscribe to all

The complete list of objects that can be subscribed to / unsubscribed from can be found in the sub command page noting that the command unsub should replace the sub command seen on that page.

See Response Format for details on the format of the response messages from the radio

Hex Response Message Debug Output / Meaning
00000000   OK
50000017   No Subscription
5000002C   Incorrect number of parameters