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Instructs the radio to start or stop transmitting

C[D]<seq_number>|xmit <state>

<state>    =  representation of either on or off (see below)


C19|xmit 1

See Boolean State for different text representations for a state

The xmit 1 and xmit 0 commands initiate transitions in the Interlock State Machine, the state transition diagram for which is here.

Each transition of the Interlock State Machine generates a status message reporting the name of the current state, e.g.

S0|interlock state=PTT_REQUESTED reason= source=SW
Interlock States
Name Description
NOT_READY the radio is receiving, but is not ready to transmit (e.g. frequency or transmit slice is invalid)
PTT_REQUESTED the radio has been commanded to transmit and is setting things up to do so
READY the radio is receiving, and is ready to transmit (valid frequency etc)
RECEIVE an intermediate state between READY and NOT_READY states
TIMEOUT an operation has timed out as the result of the transmit timeout setting
TRANSMITTING the radio is transmitting
TX_FAULT the radio has been commanded to transmit, but cannot because an error has occurred
UNKEY_REQUESTED the radio has been commanded to stop transmitting and is settings things up to do so

See Response Format for details on the format of the response messages from the radio

Hex Response Message Debug Output / Meaning
00000000   OK
5000002C   Incorrect number of parameters
5000003D   Transmit not supported in this radio

Response Example: