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Message Num Message Text Meaning
SmartSDR Messages and their meanings
0x10000001 Client <handle> connected from IP <IP address> Notification that another client has connected to the radio
0x31000001 Service mode enabled on remote device A service connection or command has been entered on the radio. Must be reset with a power cycle
0xF3000001 The maximum number of connected clients has been reached No additional client connections can be made. Close a client to add an additional one
0xF3000002 OPERATING TEMPERATURE EXCEEDED. REBOOT REQUIRED. The radio is shutting down to prevent thermal damage
0x31000005 APPROACHING MAX TEMP. TAKE CORRECTIVE ACTION. The radio is reaching maximum operational temperature. Reduce temperature to avoid automatic shutdown
0xF3000004 Radio internal temp sensor fault, return for service Internal temperature sensors are not functioning; the radio requires service to prevent thermal damage in the event of an over temperature event
0xF3000005 Cannot connect to the same radio from the same PC Only one connection is allowed to an external PC for each radio
0x31000002 Transmit slice has not been selected Without a transmit slice selected, the radio does not have a frequency for the transmitter. Select a slice to be the transmitter
0x31000003 Interlock is preventing transmission Interlock prevention mechanisms are denying transmit. The most likely cause is an external device that is not ready such as an ATU, Amplifier or coupler
0xE2000058 The PTT timeout timer has elapsed. Release PTT to reset. Push-to-talk has been pressed longer than the timer setting. Release the PTT and transmit again if required
0x31000008 Default profile cannot be modified. An attempt was made to change the internal, default profile. Create a unique profile and save.
0x31000008 Import Config failed. An attempt to import a configuration from disk has failed. The file is likely corrupted or the wrong type.
0xF3000003 Excess Power Detected on Receiver (>+20 dBm), transmitter has been unkeyed and receiver disconnected to protect hardware. Power into the receiver exceeds thresholds set for the current hardware type
0x31000009 ATU tune error. Max power set too low for ATU Increase the tune power and retry automatic tuner
0x3100000A Cannot delete the 'Default' profile Create a new profile instead of attempting to delete the default profile